Broccoli Pizza & Pasta
Thanks Badr Kamal,
Order Delivery time: between 4:10 PM and 5:00 PM.
Delivered to: Room No. 704, KG Tower, Dubai Marina, UAE
Your order - #29174428, placed Friday, April 20, 2018
Your purchase details are listed below:
# Items Price
1. Cheese Pizza Slice شريحة بيتزا بالجبنة AED 15.24
2. Deluxe Pizza Slice شريحة بيتزا ديلوكس AED 1555.24
3. Pepperoni Pizza Slice شريحة بيتزا بيبيروني AED 155.24
Discount Total: AED 255
Taxes: AED 255
Transportation Fee: AED 6.5
Order Total: AED 1732.22
Special Request/Note: Extra Bread and Cheese
Customer Number: #5152372
Payment Method: Credit card
Order Type: New Order
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